Vaneesha Advani, is an Indo Canadian, she was born in Ghana, West Africa and was raised in India, she moved to New York at age of seventeen to study fashion design at the prestigious Parsons School of Design, New York, after that she moved to Canada, she then culminated 14 years of Vancouver and Montreal-based experience with other fashion houses, importers and buyers, designing clothing, and forecasting trends. Armed with a wealth of fashion experience Advani decided to create her own jewellery collection, Designs By Sonia in 2008, the company was formed in Eindhoven, Netherlands.


It is easy to get inspired when it involoves travelling to exotic places, meeting women from all different walks of life etc…. I also love watching movies, visiting art galleries and do take interest in world politics just to stay in the loop said, Vaneesha Advani.



Throughout the collection all different materials are used, wood, leather, recycled glass beads, brass, bronze, aluminium, hand-dyed/handmade silk strings, and natural fibres. Advani is always experimenting with materials and designs.


Philosophy is to enhance that woman, whose presence is felt instantaneously where ever she appears. The collection is true to her; it is ageless, modern, bold and yet minimalist, it is always moving forward.

A lot of thought is put together in creating each collection including attention to details, an overall look, quality workmanship, feel and appeal. The whole idea is to create designs and send them out into the world to observe the reaction, learn from the feedback and continue to create.

Designs by Sonia provides the subtle luxury for women who want to stand apart and have calm confidence. It is an amazing experience working with every collection, I will continue to design for that special women.

Vaneesha Advani