Born and raised in West Africa, Ghana, of Indian decent, Vaneesha Advani moved to New York at age of seventeen to study fashion design at the prestigious Parsons School of Design (New York), after that she moved to Canada, she then culminated 14 years of Vancouver and Montreal-based experience with other fashion designers, importers and buyers, designing clothing, and forecasting trends.

Armed with a wealth of fashion experience Advani decided to create her own jewellry collection, Designs By SoniA.


There is always some driving force behind everything we do, says Advani, it could be traveling to other places, meeting new people, movies, arts etc. In her case it was visiting her family in Ghana.

She got her inspiration from the people there, especially the women, they were so elegant, they carried themselves with such grace, you can see their inner strength and beauty showing through their eyes.

We all have those qualities naturally in us, which we do not allow ourselves to take notice. Advani wanted to share that experience through her collection.

Designs by SoniA collection has a African Tribal look, it is raw and authentic yet soft and elegant. The line is best described as "modern couture", each piece is handmade, the necklace/choker is first draped on the dress form to create that unique shape to fit the neck beautifully. Colours used for leather are in neutral tones, mixed with exotic coloured glass beads and brass beads (the neutral colours used for leather, gives us the freedom to mix and match our necklace/choker with our wardrobe). Each piece can also be custom made for individual fit.

To create the antique look the edges of the leather were first burned with the candle, and than rubbed with the honey wax to create that look. The material used was leather; hand dyed silk string, recycled glass beads and brass.


Tell a story without a whisper, DBS philosophy is to enhance that mysterious woman, whose presence is felt instantaneously where ever she appears. The collection is true to her; it is ageless, classic and yet stylish. The collection can be best described as "Modern Couture".

A lot of thought has been put together in creating DBS collection, we at DBS believe in an overall look, quality workmanship, feel and appeal. Throughout the collection all natural materials are used, Leather, recycled glass beads, brass beads and hand-dyed/handmade silk strings.

The collection is true to its philosophy, it is mysterious, strong and elegant.

It is an amazing experience working with every collection, I will continue to design for that special women.

Vaneesha Advani